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Generate attention and increase sales with new 3D displays that instantly activate your product in a visual and engaging way. 
Unique locations in the largest retail chains in Denmark. 


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When booking your in-store campaign with us, we deliver a complete and tailored solution that consists of:

  • Holographic displays located in as many stores you want, with optimal placements regarding exposure and customer traffic.

  • Tailored 3D content that explains your product's unique selling points in an engaging and visual way.

  • Ongoing service, cleaning, and feedback if the display needs a refill of products to sell.

  • The possibility of adding branding to the display.  

Who are we?
Realfiction is an innovative company from Denmark that delivers state-of-the-art holographic display solutions. With our showroom and headquarters based in Copenhagen, we help some of the worlds largest brands and companies in creating unique campaigns and experiences at events, retail and brand activations.


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