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Rental program


Premium experiences with everything included

Rent a unique holographic display solution to elevate your next event, expo or brand activation. Our full-service rental program includes:

  • Holographic display rental.
  • Development of bespoke 3D content.
  • Technical installation and take down.
  • Interactive hologram.
  • Branding foils.
  • Freight and logistics.

You can rent most of our holographic displays, without making any upfront investment or long-term commitment.  

Fill out the rental inquiry to receive terms and a specified quota for your hologram rental.

For more details and information about the different rental options, please see our rental brochure below.

See rental brochure

Please note that the rental program is currently only available in Western Europe and the United States. 


Rental enquiry

our process

Mixed reality 3D hologram at brand activation used for in-store marketing


By utilizing the power of 3D holographic content, our display solutions have a unique and proven ability to capture people’s attention. Used in busy high-traffic locations such as trade fairs, malls or events, you can successfully stop people in their tracks and keep them engaged in your brand or product message.

A key strength lies in the ability to take abstract or complex product offerings and instantly make them easy for everybody to understand and decode in seconds, as they are presented in a simple, playful and visual way. Furthermore, you can add interactivity to all the displays via touchscreen or smartphone connection, making your message stick even better as people are actively engaged in the experience.

Unlike VR glasses or other wearable tech currently on the market, our display solutions allow multiple people to take part in the experience at the same time, thereby strengthening the collective connection with your company.










Immersive interactivity

To give your audience the power to immerse themselves completely and connect with your brand on an even deeper level, we design custom interactivity that can easily be added to your in-store campaign or event setup.

The touchscreen makes it possible to interact with virtual holographic content, successfully increasing the level of engagement and time spend with your brand even more.


Marketing activation at an expo using a Dreamoc Diamond holographic display for the company PolyTech

"…when we saw this solution, it was definitely the right way for us to showcase 

our technical products in a nice looking way"

Kenneth Iversen, Business Development Manager at PolyTech
Read the case study