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Present your brand and product in the most elegant way imaginable with a holographic display. Choose between our different models and read more about them here: 

Dreamoc XL4 logo

The Dreamoc XL4 is in many ways designed to be your new best friend if you have a lot of trade shows or events on your busy schedule. The sturdy metal construction and easy installation process secure repeated use for many years. Moving it between locations and venues is simple when using the dedicated flight case that not only secures your display from the harsh life on the road, but also contains stand, cables, and interactive touch screen, in one single case. 



The Dreamoc Diamond brings an innovative and highly attractive approach to driving attention, positioning brand values and showcasing distinctive product features.


The DeepFrame One is an all-in-one mixed reality display suited for temporary setups like short-term retail campaigns, events and trade shows.

It comes ready-to-assemble in two flight cases, complete with a 4K OLED screen, optical lens, housing, and speaker module. The front of the housing can easily be branded with magnetic skins to match your communication and campaign message. 


The DeepFrame Basic 
is a mixed reality display in its most basic form, presenting only the optical lens.

This is intended for more permanent installations like museums, experience centers or theme parks, where experience is meant to be integrated as a more permanent installation.

You can choose from a variety of accessories and only utilize what you need for your particular project, like 4K OLED screen, housing and much more. 


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